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Global PokédeX Plus

Pokemon Adoptables Click Exchange

Global PokédeX Plus - A Click Exchange Community
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Welcome to the Global PokédeX Plus Click Exchange Community!

Global PokédeX Plus is an adoptables site where you can catch your own pokemon eggs...and with a bit of love and care (and clicks!), hatch them into your very own pokemon!

This is the original, unofficial community created to aid you in getting clicks for your pokemon. You're free to post once a day to show off your pokemon, please do not exceed this limit. We're quite a relaxed community, but we do have a few rules:

1. As stated above, please limit yourself to one post a day.
2. Please, no inappropriate content or icons. Let's keep this family-friendly.
3. Only GPS+ sprites may be posted. There are plenty of other communities out there for Dragon Cave, Dragon Adopters, Valenth, etc.
4. If you're going to be posting more than 10 pokemon, please put them behind an LJ cut.
5. Discussion posts are allowed, as long as it's something to do with GPX+.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact the maintainer, nephemera.